Oplus 8.96 Tested Firmware Here

Oplus 8.96 Tested Firmware Here


Infected Virus – Also known as Sexy Image, Monkey Virus, it is when you connect to Internet Wifi Data, apps are downloded automatically or some annoying things will pop up on your screen and sometimes it automatically turns on WiFi or data connection without even turning it on. The virus will not be removed though hard reset or even formatting your phone. Installing new/fresh firmware is the best solution.
Unfortunately Error – This is when you open some apps, it will popup Unfortunately, App has stopped. If cannot be fixed through clearing the data. Flashing with new/fresh firmware is also the solution.
Stuck or Hang in Logo bootloop – The reason for this is either when you install incorrect Rom. Try to hard reset first but if still stuck, then flashing firmware is the best solution.
Too Many Pattern Attempts or forgot password –  Hard reset is a temporary solution, some may not be solved. Still flashing with fresh firmware will solve the problem.
Note: that flashing new firmware can delete all your personal data in your phone’s internal storage, Including Photos, Contacts, Messages and all Installed third party application, We recommend that you perform a back up of all your important data before proceeding. Download the firmware and follow the flashing instructions below.

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